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Monday, June 9, 2014


by Shanti Bikash Chakma

Agartala, 8th June, 2014: Central Committee of Bizumela Development Society has finalised venues of Tripura State Bizumela at its meeting held at Press Club, Agartala in the following Baams:

2016 - Agere Manu 
2017 - Muhuri-Laagang 
2018 - Ehede Dergang
2019 - Feni Baam
2020 - Ehde Manu.

The meeting has also decided submit Memorandums to the appropriate authorities to consider the following demands:

(a) To slack Indo-Bangladesh border during the Bizu Festival so that interested persons may come over to India from other side to enjoy the festival.
(b) To declare holiday on Phul Bizu in Govt. calendar in addition to Mul Bizu & Gocchye-Pocchye Bizu. 
(c) To increase Govt. grants for organizing Bizu Festival.
(d) To evade elections during Biju Festival which is also celebrated by different communities of India by different names.

A committee has been formed with the following members to prepare the memorandums and to monitor the progresses:

Alok Talukder
Chitra Mallika Chakma
Sukhamoy Chakma
Lali Laksha Chakma
Shanti Bikash Chakma
Kusum Kanti Chakma
Aniruddha Chakma
Pinaki Chakma
Debabrata Chakma

Decision has been also taken to sought suggestions from the Baam Committees regarding (i) Inclusion of Drama and Hip-pop in Bizumela, (ii) Inclusion or exclusion of some of the items of traditional Games & Sports and (iii) Whether cultural competitions in the Bizumela should be held in indoor or outdoor.

The meeting appointed (i) Dangu Aniruddha Chakma as Office Secretary along with his existing responsibility of Assistant Secretary. (ii) Dangu Arun Kanti Chakma as Foreign Affairs Secretary along with his existing responsibility of Cultural Secretary.

Responsibilities for advertisement collection for next Bizu Nijeni will be borne by the General Secretary and all Assistant Secretaries.

Following members has been selected as Executive Secretaries for Tripura State Bizumela-2015 at Agere Gumet.

(i) Executive Secretary (Construction)-Dangu Lalilaksha Chakma.
(ii) Executive Secretary (Finance)-Dangu Aniruddha Chakma.
(iii) Executive Secretary (Cultural)-Dangu Shanti Bikash Chakma.

The meeting ended with a vote of thanks to all members present in the meeting.

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