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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Draft Ideas for 1st Arunachal Sate Bizumela-2014

by Pradhir Talukdar Rega

A proposal to hold a Bizu Festival in 2014 at Diyun is placed. In the meantime, the point is discussed during several meetings in Diyun. The idea was not only to recollect the 50 years of Boor Porongy Chakmas in Arunachal but also to turn around for a positive approach of progress in all respects. It is also to mark for better and peaceful living during this transitional trek of time.

The naming of the festival may be 'Bizu Mela-2014' or 'Solidarity For Peace Festival-14' or 'Bihu for Brotherhood-2014'. However, the theme is Solidarity for peace and development. More ideas are welcome in this matter.

Some said the proposed 'Bizu Festival' is to mark the 50 years of Boor Porong (The Great Migration/Exodus) in 1964. After 50 years apparently 80% of the total Chakma population presence in the state  is Indian by birth. So, the term 'REFUGEE' used by medias is unfair for the Chakmas.

The Chakmas were welcomed and settled as migrant to this land of diversity and natural beauty. Since then this population of tremendous work force has been contributing to the region as well as the country.

It is to be mentioned that in 2006 a grand Bizu Festival was organised by BOC (Bizu Organising Committee) where a group 45 artists participated from Tripura. The gathering was a remarkable one from entertainment, educational and relation building point of view.

A number artists from Assam, Mizoram, Tripura are expected to take part in 2014 Bizu Festival with their own inspiration. A number of American/European friends expressed to take part.

The following points were also discussed in various meetings.

§  An audio cassette of 8 songs be recorded.

§  A souvenir (magazine) be published.

§  A short video film on anti-drugs and education awareness be taped (depends on availability of written drama in Akhamia).

§  Inauguration of the event by a cabinet minister.

§  Invitation to state ministers, VIPs, local community leaders and celebrities.

§  Invitation to the Chakma Chief Raja Devasish Roy as elected member from Asia region to The United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.

§  Invitation to CEM of CADC and a group of artists from Mizoram, Tripura and Assam.

Following proposals were raised

1.      The audio cassette consisting of various local community songs be recorded with the sponsorship from employees of Arunachal.

2.     The fund for the magazine be raised by one of our engineer in Tripura.

3.     A friendly team of State Level Bizu Mela Committee from Tripura will visit Diyun during Durga Puja (10-14 Oct. 2013) to exchange more positive ideas toward the success of the proposal. Formal information will be communicated.

Progress already made.

§  Two rounds of discussion already made in Diyun.

§  A number of organizations and GBs attended and expressed positively.

§  Well wishers from Tripura are ready to support.

§  CADC and Chakma Chief's aid are informed informally.

§  Couple of songs already collected by REGA.

§  For collecting articles, poems... etc for magazine Email: ani_uds@yahoo.com is ready/aacsu or cca or some more org's email be included.

§  For songs Email: regaconnects@gmail.com is ready.

Everything is dependent on the people at ground level. Youth and students are the crucial force for achievement and for coordinating all round preparation BOC will be accountable.

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