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Monday, May 5, 2014

Chakmas Gearing Up for a Grand Bizu Mela in Arunachal Pradesh

by Arunachal Chakma News

October 11, 2013

DIYUN: An air of anticipation pregnant with excitement fills the very atmosphere of the Chakma inhabited areas in Arunachal Pradesh. Thousands of Chakma people are all but gearing up for the upcoming Bizu Mela slated to be commenced in mid April, 2013. In an attempt to make the celebratory event a historical first of its kind, several delegates who comprise the Tripura Bizu Mela Central Committee have arrived in Arunachal Pradesh on October 10, 2013. The visiting committee comprises of prominent cultural aficionados including Aniruddha Chakma (Asst. Gen. Secretary), Mr. Arun Kanti Chakma (Cultural Secretary) and Mr. Sukbilash Chakma (Games and Sports Secretary).

The aforementioned members of the committee have been playing crucial roles for long past in the preservation and promotion of culture, traditions and the history of the Chakma people; their work has mostly been prominently successful across Tripura though. It is also being planned to constitute a separate body – to be christened Arunachal State Bizu Mela Committee – on October 15, 2013 in order to provide a much-needed impetus towards the realization of the goal of making the grand Bizu Mela, which holds the promise of rewriting the history of the Chakma community in Arunachal Pradesh, a grand success.

It is hoped that the plethora of subtle beauty and inherently fascinating aspects about the Chakma culture and tradition would be on generous display during the interlude across which this much anticipated event is scheduled to pan out. The taste and flavor of ‘Pajjon Ton’ (a mixed vegetable based dished) especially prepared during the Bizu festival is perhaps duly expected to add to the cheerful atmosphere, which according to many, is surely going be the signature attribute of the grand occasion.

All in all the people are keeping an optimistic view about the much talked about celebrations, come April 2014 even as many are hopeful about this grand event leaving a significant impact in terms of coming together of the Chakma people, besides fostering unity as well as giving out the message of peaceful co-existence to the other communities of Arunachal Pradesh. Apparently, it is no surprise when many are heard to have confessed that they have already began the countdown to the Grand Bizu Mela 2014.

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