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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Bizu Mela not just a Celebration, it’s a Hizek (Scream): APCSU

by Arunachal Chakma News

January 22, 2014

People gathering before the meeting at Noida

New Delhi: With the Grand Biju Mela just two months away, Arunachal Pradesh Chakma Students Union is exploring numbers of ways to collect funds to make it a success. In a meeting held recently in Noida, APCSU Chief General Secretary, Prahlad Chakma informed all its supporters and members that the Bizu Mela is the threshold for a greater movement in Arunachal Pradesh for the Chakma Community. He said that the Bizu Mela is not just a celebration of a new year but a chance for us to showcase and express our 50 years long suffering and misery. It’s a point where we can unite and awake all our people to our strength, hence, it is very important for everyone to contribute as much amount as they are capable of for the big event.

He also thanks the entire Chakma community in Noida who has been consistent in paying the monthly subscription fees since one year. And their sincere monetarily assistant have made APCSU run its office in Arunachal Pradesh successfully. Gyanomoni Chakma and Probin Ranjan Chakma, the Director and the pPresident of Noida Chakma youth Association respectively have agreed to continue its support for APCSU and for the Bizu Mela. More than 300 Chakmas reside in Noida and half of them stay with their family. 

Ranjan Chakma, President of APCSU updated everyone that right after the Bizu Mela, the union would hold a general meeting with all the Chakmas where they would invite the Citizenship Right Committee of Chakma and Hazong of Arunachal Pradesh (CCRCHAP), Chakma intellectuals, Women representatives and all the Headmen to discuss the possible reformation of CCRCHAP and re-election of its members if needed and agreed by the majority. He hold the view that Chakma intellectuals currently working and studying in different parts of the country would come and attend the Mela and therefore it would be easy to hold conferences during the Bizu Mela along with them to discuss and decide what best could to be done to solve the citizenship issue of the Chakma permanently. He also said along the line of Prahlad that Bizu Mela is not just a celebration but a Hizek (Scream). 

In the next month, he along with Punya Chakma, Chief Adviser of APCSU would go to Kolkata to recreate APCSU Unit there and to collect funds for the Mela. At the beginning of this month they have met with Rakesh Chakma, a hard core supporter of APCSU presently staying in Nagpur. Rakesh would form the APCSU Nagpur in the coming month. 

The Bizu Mela will take place on 13-15th April 2014 at Jyostnapur Ground, Diyun Tinali. The Arunachal State Bizu Mela Central committee may invite several dignitaries from the State as well as from the Central Govt. A number of activities have been planned in the event that includes Exhibition of traditional arts and crafts, Traditional musical extravaganza, Conference on Chakma society, Polity, Culture, Bor porong etc.

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