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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Arunachal Pradesh State Bizumela Central Committee Formed Today

by Arunachal Chakma News

October 15, 2013

Diyun: On the 15th of Oct 2013, in a general meeting held at Avoipur Buddha Vihar, a new committee was formed in a view to keep alive the age old arts, culture, literature and ethics of the Chakmas. The committee was named as 'Arunachal Pradesh State Bizumela Central Committee'. 

Present were delegates from 'Tripura State Bizumela Central Committee' who specially came for the sme reason. They extended their heartiest greetings towards the formation of the committee. They also expressed their eagerness towards progressive co-operation in all walks. Further, they extended their helping hand and their openness towards building a bridge of wisdom among the Chakma community. They gave their valuable speeches purely in Chakma language without using any foreign words, thus setting a new trend of introducing or addressing wholly in Chakma language. They imparted their views towards the importance of organizing Bizumela inorder to get an ethnic identification and make mark in the world ana which can only be darried out through our age old rich arts, culture, literature and ethical values. 

The committe has already selected renown social activist Mr. Anil Chakma as its president and Advocate, Mr. Manoj Kumar Chakma as its GS. Among others are Mr. Chiranjiv Chakma as Cultural Secretary, Mr. Jayanta Chakma as tentative Treasurer. All the other portfolios shall soon be available after rigorous nominationsnd selection through a proper procedure. 

The newly formed committee shall continuously strive to give the Chakma arts, culture, literature and ethics a boost.

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