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Friday, May 2, 2014

2nd Meeting in Tripura to hold Bizumela in Arunachal

by Pradhir Talukdar Rega

Proceeding of 2nd meeting 

As decided the 2nd meeting is held on 18th August, 2013 at the Little Follower School, Pecharthal where Dangu Raj Kumar Chakma presided. The following topics were discussed. 

1. Function of the respective executive bodies. 

2. Action plan of the committee. 

3. Welcoming the foreign delegates in the Bizu Mela. 

4. Releasing of audio cassette from communities of Arunachal. 

5. Fund raising. 

In the meeting the following decision were taken. 

1. Foreign national and Chakma from abroad will be invited to visit during Bizu Mela 

2. To request APCSU to cancel Bor Porong program in December. 

3. All effort will be strengthen for Bizu Mela 

4. Possibility of inviting cabinet minister will be explored 

5. Holding of meeting with various organisations in the concern area (Diyun, Changlang) 

6. Inviting a delegation from Arunachal for discussion 

7. A magazine (Souvenir) will be published on Bizu Mela. A sub-committee is formed to deal the matter. The committe comprised of Mr. Kusum Kanti Chakma, Pradhir Talukdar (REGA) and Aniruddha Chakma. Collecting articles, poem script etc by December,13. 

8. Sponsorship for the first audio cassette from AP is decided as follows: Kusum Kanti Chakma-Thengabhanga song-1, Aniruddha Chakma-1, Tifant Mitra, Dipankar-1, Alak Talukdar, Shanti Bikash Chakma(Dhudhuk), Sukhamoy Chakma, Pradhir Talukdar, Surjya Chakma and Supen Chakma, Priti Bindu Chakma, Asish Chakma. The cost of each song is Rs. 3500-4000.

The following guests and members were attended the meeting.

1. Gyan Ranjan Chakma Arunachal 9863893371 

2. Sukbilash Chakma Tripura 9436535303 

3. Buddhiman Chakma Nabinchara 9863734499 

4. Dr. Sirsendu Chakma Arunachal 9862744612 

5. Tuphant Mitra Chakma Arunachal 8730042594 

6. Sujoy Chakma Tripura 7308248753 

7. Anati Ranjan Chakma Dhanichara 7308505879 

8. Mukul Chakma Kumarghat 8974607473 

9. Bodhi Satta Chakma Manu 9863727359 

10. Nihar Bindu Chakma Kumarghat 7308012618 

11. Arunjoy Chakma Panisagar 9862795965 

12. Pragyan Chakma Gandachara 9485068514 

13. Surjya Chakma Pecharthal 9863876084 

14. ............. 7308364634 

15. 9863872392 

16. Brisa Moni Chakma Kumarghat 9863356655 

17. Kusum Kanti Chakma Dharmanagar 9436535883 

18. Aniruddha Chakma Kanchanpur 8731944944 

19. Arun Kanti Chakma Pecharthal 9436535627 

20. Pradhir Talukdar Buddha Gaya 9402145373 

21. Dulal Kumar Chakma Shantipur 9436562709 

22. Alak Talukdar Machmara 9402597406 

23. Suniti Ranjan Chakma Chailengtha 9402348692 

24. Chakma Ashim Roy Shantipur 9612182784 

25. Raj Kumar Chakma Pecharthal

                                                                           Ran Kumar Chakma 

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