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Thursday, May 1, 2014

1st Meeting in Tripura to hold Bizumela in Arunachal

by Pradhir Talukdar Rega

Proceeding of the meeting 

A meeting of Chakma employees from Arunachal and intellectuals of Tripura State is held on 09-08-2013, at little follower school, Pecharthal. The meeting was presided over by Dangu Raj Kumar Chakma, President Pecharthal Changma Samajik Panchayet, Chagala Panchayet. The main agendas are as below: 

1. To organise Bizu Mela in Arunachal to commemorate the Bor Porong of its 50th years. 

2. To form Arunachal Bizu Mela Bhaledi Jodha in this regard. 

First of all Arun Kanti Chakma explained the historical importance of the Bizu Mela in Tripura to unite the whole Chakma community in the state. Bizu is the only one event/festival that can gather/unite all Chakmas around the state. The Chakmas around the globe can also gather during this yearly festive gathering. Every year the people from Chadigang Hill Tracts, Mizoram attend the Bizu Mela in Tripura. The people of Tripura are also attending to Bangladesh and Arunachal on this Bizu Day. In the year 2006, a group of 45 cultural activists/youths from Tripura attended to Diyun Bizu Mela. So, the significance of Bizu is unavoidable. We can also relate the pain of Chakmas in Arunachal Pradesh through the Bizu gathering. 

Aniruddha Chakma gave importance to invite community leaders from Mizoram, Chadigang Hill Tracts, CADC, Tripura. To organise the a grand Bizu Mela at Diyun, Arunachal the fellow people can extend help. Already a considerable communication is made with Mizoram and Bangladesh Chakma leaders. All are agreed to extend cooperation and feel the responsibility to visit the felllows of Bor Porong. He proposed a team should visit Arunachal in September/October, 2013. He also strongly hopeful to publish a souvenir on the occasion of 50 years of the great exodus in 64 and Bizu Mela at Diyun in Arunachal, 2014. 

Dr. Shirsendu Chakma originally from Arunachal expressed the significance of Bizu. At the same time pointed out the possible politicisation of Chakma issue in all cases. So, every possibility of opposition must be taken into consideration to make a success of the proposal. 

Dangu Nagad Jyoti also expressed the same point. 

In the meeting Inter-State Bizu Mela Coordination Committee is formed as follows: 

1. President: Raj Kumar Chakma 

2. Vice President: Dulal Chakma 

3. Secretary: Dr. Sirsendu Chakma 

4. Asst. secretary: Gyana Ranjan Chakma 

5. Treasurer: Tufan Mitra Chakma 

The following members were included in the committe 

1. Swapna Jyoti Chakma Silachari 

2. Subhash Chakma Amarpur 

3. Tarani Moy Chakma Gandachara 

4. Nagat Jyoti Chakma Agartala 

5. Bodhi Satta Chakma Manu 

6. Brishamani Chakma Kumarghat 

7. Dr. Sirsendu Chakma Pecharthal 

8. Dulal Chakma Shantipur 

9. Gyana Ranjan Chakma Pecharthal 

10. Ranjan Bikash Chakma Machmara 

11. Raj Prasad Chakma Machmara 

12. A. R. Surjya Chakma Pecharthal 

13. Supen Chakma Ambasa 

14. Dhananjoy Chakma Kanchanpur 

15. Arun Kanti Chakma Pecharthal 

16. Sukbilash Chakma Kumarghat 

17. Tufant Mitra Chakma Dharmanagar 

18. Dibyendu Chakma Chailengtha 

19. Raj Kumar Chakma Pecharthal 

20. Chakma Ashim Roy Shantipur 

21. Udayan Chakma Dharmanagar 

22. Rabi Sankar Chakma Agartala 

23. Hemanta Chakma Kailashahar 

It is decided that next meeting will be held on 18th August, 2013 at the same venue. The following persons were present in the meeting. 

1. Chakma Ashim Roy Shantipur 09612182784 

2. Raj Kumar Chakma Pecharthal 

3. Sujoy Kumar Chakma Shantipur 7308248753 

4. Anati Ranjan Chakma Lohit, AP 7308505879 

5. Chikko Muni Chakma Diyun, AP 7308029743 

6. Dinesh Chakma Do 9863472313 

7. Brishu Moni Chakma Diyun 9863356655 

8. Rasu Chakma Kumarghat 9402375205 

9. Supen Chakma Ambasa 9485008866 

10. Aboy Biram Chakma Pecharthal 

11. Nagat Jyoti Chakma Bishalgar 9402382457 

12. Sirsendu Chakma Dharmanagar 9862744612 

13. Ranjan Bikash Chakma Machmara 9402375452 

14. Aniruddha Chakma Kanchanpur 8731944944 

15. Surjya Chakma Pecharthal 9863876084 

16. Udayan Chakma Dharmanagar 7308643406 

17. Gayan Ranjan Chakma Pecharthal 9863893371 

18. Dhananjoy Chakma Kanchanpur 9612553424 

19. Tarani Moy Chakma (UCO bank) Gandachara 9485068073 

20. Rajendra Chakma Pecharthal 7308918712 

21. Vikram Chakma AP 9863637087 

22. Panchayudh Chakma Andharchara 9612548711 

23. Palash Chakma Bijoypur, AP 7308799564 

24. Uttam Chakma Chowkham, AP 9863919963 

25. Muichal Chakma Dumpani, AP 8974124254 

26. Kalendra Chakma Pecharthal 

27. Raj Prasad Chakma Machmara 9862923545 

28. Suk Bilash Chakma Kumarghat 9436535303 

29. Buddhiman Chakma Nabinchara 9863734499 

30. Dulal Kumar Chakma AP 9436562709 

31. Arun Kanti Chakma Pecharthal 9436535627 

32. Pritam Muni Chakma Manu 9485010089 

33. Tufant Mitra Chakma AP, Damchara 8730042594 

34. Bodhi Satta Chakma Bijoypur 9863727359 

35. Pinaki Chakma Agartala 9862991357 

36. Shanti Bikash Chakma Ambasa 9402330988 

37. Kusum Kanti Chakma Nabinchara 9436535883 

38. Alak Takukdar Machmara 9402597406 

Date: 08/09/2013                                                         President 
                                                                            Raj Kumar Chakma 


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