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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Bizu Mela not just a Celebration, it’s a Hizek (Scream): APCSU

by Arunachal Chakma News

January 22, 2014

People gathering before the meeting at Noida

New Delhi: With the Grand Biju Mela just two months away, Arunachal Pradesh Chakma Students Union is exploring numbers of ways to collect funds to make it a success. In a meeting held recently in Noida, APCSU Chief General Secretary, Prahlad Chakma informed all its supporters and members that the Bizu Mela is the threshold for a greater movement in Arunachal Pradesh for the Chakma Community. He said that the Bizu Mela is not just a celebration of a new year but a chance for us to showcase and express our 50 years long suffering and misery. It’s a point where we can unite and awake all our people to our strength, hence, it is very important for everyone to contribute as much amount as they are capable of for the big event.

He also thanks the entire Chakma community in Noida who has been consistent in paying the monthly subscription fees since one year. And their sincere monetarily assistant have made APCSU run its office in Arunachal Pradesh successfully. Gyanomoni Chakma and Probin Ranjan Chakma, the Director and the pPresident of Noida Chakma youth Association respectively have agreed to continue its support for APCSU and for the Bizu Mela. More than 300 Chakmas reside in Noida and half of them stay with their family. 

Ranjan Chakma, President of APCSU updated everyone that right after the Bizu Mela, the union would hold a general meeting with all the Chakmas where they would invite the Citizenship Right Committee of Chakma and Hazong of Arunachal Pradesh (CCRCHAP), Chakma intellectuals, Women representatives and all the Headmen to discuss the possible reformation of CCRCHAP and re-election of its members if needed and agreed by the majority. He hold the view that Chakma intellectuals currently working and studying in different parts of the country would come and attend the Mela and therefore it would be easy to hold conferences during the Bizu Mela along with them to discuss and decide what best could to be done to solve the citizenship issue of the Chakma permanently. He also said along the line of Prahlad that Bizu Mela is not just a celebration but a Hizek (Scream). 

In the next month, he along with Punya Chakma, Chief Adviser of APCSU would go to Kolkata to recreate APCSU Unit there and to collect funds for the Mela. At the beginning of this month they have met with Rakesh Chakma, a hard core supporter of APCSU presently staying in Nagpur. Rakesh would form the APCSU Nagpur in the coming month. 

The Bizu Mela will take place on 13-15th April 2014 at Jyostnapur Ground, Diyun Tinali. The Arunachal State Bizu Mela Central committee may invite several dignitaries from the State as well as from the Central Govt. A number of activities have been planned in the event that includes Exhibition of traditional arts and crafts, Traditional musical extravaganza, Conference on Chakma society, Polity, Culture, Bor porong etc.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Arunachal State Bizu Mela Central Committee plans grand Bizu Mela -2014. Seeks Donation of Rs.100/family from all the Chakma of Arunachal Pradesh

by Arunachal Chakma News

November 14, 2013

Diyun: Arunachal State Bizu Mela Central Committee (ASBMCC) is very excited to announce a grand Bizu festival in April 2014 to mark the 50 years of Chakmas in Arunachal Pradesh. People expect the event to be historical first of its kind for the Chakmas of Arunachal Pradesh. The Bizu Mela will be highly significant considering the future of Chakmas in Arunachal Pradesh.

The following are the aims and objectives of ASBMCC:-
To revive, preserve and promote the rich Chakma traditional culture.
To promote communal harmony and peaceful co-existence with our immediate neighbours in Arunachal Pradesh.
To foster socio-economic, cultural and educational development of Chakma community.

An Executive Body Meeting of ASBMCC was held on 10th November 2013 in the premise of Avoipur Buddha Vihar presided by its President Mr. Anil Chakma to broadly plan the uphill task well in advance. The Executive Body discussed the aspects related to selection of venue for Bizu 2014, raising funds as per budget, planning the three day event, assigning responsibilities and allocation of resources. In order to raise funds for the event, ASBMCC has decided to seek donation and contribution of Rs. 100 per Chakma household of Arunachal Pradesh and would appeal to the service holders to donate as much as they can. The portfolio holders of ASBMCC also have decided to contribute Rs. 300 to initiate the functions. A joint account will also be opened for convenient financial transactions and to maintain transparency and accountability. The Venue has been selected as the “Garitana” ground near Jyotsnapur Buddhist Temple and the organizers shall seek permission for the same from the appropriate authorities.r

For more informations : Contact Arunjit Chakma ( Asst. General Secretary- ASBMCC )

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Arunachal State Bizu Mela Central Committee

by Arunachal Chakma News

November 14, 2013

Diyun: Arunachal State Bizu Meal Central Committee launched it LOGO and published it complete portfolios. Arunachal Chakma News will be covering the much awaited Bizu Mela to be held in April 2014 in Diyun.

Arunachal State Bizu Mela Central Committee

NamePortfolioContact NumberVillage
Mr. Anil ChakmaPresident
Mr. Hriday Ranjan ChakmaWorking President
Mr. Jayanta ChakmaVice President
Mr. Samiral ChakmaVice PresidentBijoypur
Mrs. Bijaya ChakmaVice President
Mr. Gyana Jyoti ChakmaVice PresidentChowkham
Mr. Sanjiv Kumar ChakmaVice President
Mrs. Pinika ChakmaVice President
Mr. Surosen ChakmaVice PresidentDeban
Mr. Nihar Bindu ChakmaVice PresidentDharmapur
Mr. Manoj kumar ChakmaGeneral Secretary
Mr. Arunjit ChakmaAsst. Gen. Secy
Mr. Sumiran ChakmaJoint Secretary
Mr. Surjya Lal ChakmaJoint Secretary
Mr. Samar Jiban ChakmaJoint Secretary
Mrs. Amiya ChakmaJoint SecretaryDumpani
Mr. Sushil ChakmaJoint SecretaryChowkham
Mr. Santosh Kumar KarbariJoint Secretary
Mrs. Taranga Bala ChakmaJoint Secretary
Mr. Biswa Jyoti DewanJoint SecretaryDiyun
Mr. Dino Bandhu ChakmaJoint SecretaryDumpather
Mr. Shantilal ChakmaJoint SecretaryDumpather
Mr. Sumoti Ranjan ChakmaJoint SecretaryShantipur
Mr. Pradip ChakmaJoint SecretaryJyotsnapur
Mr. Kishore Kumar ChakmaJoint SecretaryBijoypur
Mr. Jayanta ChakmaFinance Secretary
Mr. Rupsen ChakmaCo-Finance Secreary
Mr. Manrose ChakmaOrganising Secretary
Mr. Indrajoy ChakmaAsst. Organising Secy.
Mr. Rabi Shankar ChakmaAsst. Organising Secy.
Mr. Paripurna ChakmaAsst. Organising Secy.
Mr. Purna Sen ChakmaAsst. Organising Secy.Jyotsnapur
Mr. Sushil ChakmaAsst. Organising Secy.Jyotsnapur
Mr. Sumoti Ranjan ChakmaAsst. Organising Secy.
Mr. Somendra ChakmaAsst. Organising Secy.
Mr. Rabindra ChakmaAsst. Organising Secy.Diyun
Mr. Udayan ChakmaAsst. Organising Secy.Dumpather
Mr. Shankar ChakmaAsst. Organising Secy.Shantipur
Mr. Krishna Jyoti ChakmaAsst. Organising Secy.Jyotipur
Mr. Sudatta ChakmaAsst. Organising Secy.Jyotipur
Mr. Sudangshu ChakmaAsst. Organising Secy.Rajnagar
Mr. Mangal Kumar ChakmaAsst. Organising Secy.Dharmapur
Mr. Paddha Dhan ChakmaAsst. Organising Secy.Moitripur
Mr. Chiranjiv ChakmaCultural Secretary
Mrs. Subita ChakmaAsst. Cultural SecretaryJyotsnapur
Mr. Samir Kanti ChakmaAsst. Cultural SecretaryDumpather
Miss Naina ChakmaAsst. Cultural SecretaryChowkham
Mr. NavaJyoti ChakmaAsst. Cultural SecretaryChowkham
Mr. Sanjay Kanti ChakmaGames & Sports Secretary
Mr. Devabrata ChakmaGames & Sports SecretaryJyotipur
Mr. Robin ChakmaResearch & Publishing
Arunachal Chakma NewsResearch & PublishingDelhi
Mr. Montu ChakmaPublicity Secretary
Mr. Ranjan Kr. ChakmaPublicity Secretary
Mr. Prahlad ChakmaPublicity Secretary
Mr. Addutt ChakmaPublicity Secretary
Mr. Bhadrasen ChakmaOffice Secretary
Mr. Danny ChakmaAsst. Office Secretary
Mr. Kalyan DewanLiteracy SecretaryJyotsnapur
Mr. Lakhiban ChakmaPower SecretaryAvoipur
Mr. Ajit ChakmaPower SecretaryShantipur
Mr. Nirupam ChakmaPower SecretaryJyotsnapur
Mr. Sumiran ChakmaSound SystemDumpani

AdvisorsDescriptionContact Number
Mr. K. KarbariHeadman Shantipur
Mr. Sumerdralal ChakmaHeadman Moitripur
Mr. Nripati ChakmaHeadman, Kamakhyapur
Mr. Gopinath ChakmaHeadman, Modoideep
Mr. Prashanta ChakmaHeadman, Avoipur
Mr. Nefa Ranjan ChakmaHeadman, Modoideep
Mr. Shantimoy ChakmaHeadman, Bijoypur III
Mr. Kali Rattan ChakmaHeadman, Bijoypur I
Mr. Binoy Shankar ChakmaHeadman, Dharmapur II
Mr. Sriti Shankar ChakmaHeadman, Dharmapur III
Mr. Anil ChakmaEx-Headman, Dharmapur
Mr. Nirmal Kanti ChakmaPresident, CDS
Mrs. Mayadevi ChakmaPresident, CWWS
Mr. Gul Mohan ChakmaJyotipur
Mr. Kamala Lochan ChakmaJyotipur

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Arunachal Pradesh State Bizumela Central Committee Formed Today

by Arunachal Chakma News

October 15, 2013

Diyun: On the 15th of Oct 2013, in a general meeting held at Avoipur Buddha Vihar, a new committee was formed in a view to keep alive the age old arts, culture, literature and ethics of the Chakmas. The committee was named as 'Arunachal Pradesh State Bizumela Central Committee'. 

Present were delegates from 'Tripura State Bizumela Central Committee' who specially came for the sme reason. They extended their heartiest greetings towards the formation of the committee. They also expressed their eagerness towards progressive co-operation in all walks. Further, they extended their helping hand and their openness towards building a bridge of wisdom among the Chakma community. They gave their valuable speeches purely in Chakma language without using any foreign words, thus setting a new trend of introducing or addressing wholly in Chakma language. They imparted their views towards the importance of organizing Bizumela inorder to get an ethnic identification and make mark in the world ana which can only be darried out through our age old rich arts, culture, literature and ethical values. 

The committe has already selected renown social activist Mr. Anil Chakma as its president and Advocate, Mr. Manoj Kumar Chakma as its GS. Among others are Mr. Chiranjiv Chakma as Cultural Secretary, Mr. Jayanta Chakma as tentative Treasurer. All the other portfolios shall soon be available after rigorous nominationsnd selection through a proper procedure. 

The newly formed committee shall continuously strive to give the Chakma arts, culture, literature and ethics a boost.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Chakmas Gearing Up for a Grand Bizu Mela in Arunachal Pradesh

by Arunachal Chakma News

October 11, 2013

DIYUN: An air of anticipation pregnant with excitement fills the very atmosphere of the Chakma inhabited areas in Arunachal Pradesh. Thousands of Chakma people are all but gearing up for the upcoming Bizu Mela slated to be commenced in mid April, 2013. In an attempt to make the celebratory event a historical first of its kind, several delegates who comprise the Tripura Bizu Mela Central Committee have arrived in Arunachal Pradesh on October 10, 2013. The visiting committee comprises of prominent cultural aficionados including Aniruddha Chakma (Asst. Gen. Secretary), Mr. Arun Kanti Chakma (Cultural Secretary) and Mr. Sukbilash Chakma (Games and Sports Secretary).

The aforementioned members of the committee have been playing crucial roles for long past in the preservation and promotion of culture, traditions and the history of the Chakma people; their work has mostly been prominently successful across Tripura though. It is also being planned to constitute a separate body – to be christened Arunachal State Bizu Mela Committee – on October 15, 2013 in order to provide a much-needed impetus towards the realization of the goal of making the grand Bizu Mela, which holds the promise of rewriting the history of the Chakma community in Arunachal Pradesh, a grand success.

It is hoped that the plethora of subtle beauty and inherently fascinating aspects about the Chakma culture and tradition would be on generous display during the interlude across which this much anticipated event is scheduled to pan out. The taste and flavor of ‘Pajjon Ton’ (a mixed vegetable based dished) especially prepared during the Bizu festival is perhaps duly expected to add to the cheerful atmosphere, which according to many, is surely going be the signature attribute of the grand occasion.

All in all the people are keeping an optimistic view about the much talked about celebrations, come April 2014 even as many are hopeful about this grand event leaving a significant impact in terms of coming together of the Chakma people, besides fostering unity as well as giving out the message of peaceful co-existence to the other communities of Arunachal Pradesh. Apparently, it is no surprise when many are heard to have confessed that they have already began the countdown to the Grand Bizu Mela 2014.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Draft Ideas for 1st Arunachal Sate Bizumela-2014

by Pradhir Talukdar Rega

A proposal to hold a Bizu Festival in 2014 at Diyun is placed. In the meantime, the point is discussed during several meetings in Diyun. The idea was not only to recollect the 50 years of Boor Porongy Chakmas in Arunachal but also to turn around for a positive approach of progress in all respects. It is also to mark for better and peaceful living during this transitional trek of time.

The naming of the festival may be 'Bizu Mela-2014' or 'Solidarity For Peace Festival-14' or 'Bihu for Brotherhood-2014'. However, the theme is Solidarity for peace and development. More ideas are welcome in this matter.

Some said the proposed 'Bizu Festival' is to mark the 50 years of Boor Porong (The Great Migration/Exodus) in 1964. After 50 years apparently 80% of the total Chakma population presence in the state  is Indian by birth. So, the term 'REFUGEE' used by medias is unfair for the Chakmas.

The Chakmas were welcomed and settled as migrant to this land of diversity and natural beauty. Since then this population of tremendous work force has been contributing to the region as well as the country.

It is to be mentioned that in 2006 a grand Bizu Festival was organised by BOC (Bizu Organising Committee) where a group 45 artists participated from Tripura. The gathering was a remarkable one from entertainment, educational and relation building point of view.

A number artists from Assam, Mizoram, Tripura are expected to take part in 2014 Bizu Festival with their own inspiration. A number of American/European friends expressed to take part.

The following points were also discussed in various meetings.

§  An audio cassette of 8 songs be recorded.

§  A souvenir (magazine) be published.

§  A short video film on anti-drugs and education awareness be taped (depends on availability of written drama in Akhamia).

§  Inauguration of the event by a cabinet minister.

§  Invitation to state ministers, VIPs, local community leaders and celebrities.

§  Invitation to the Chakma Chief Raja Devasish Roy as elected member from Asia region to The United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.

§  Invitation to CEM of CADC and a group of artists from Mizoram, Tripura and Assam.

Following proposals were raised

1.      The audio cassette consisting of various local community songs be recorded with the sponsorship from employees of Arunachal.

2.     The fund for the magazine be raised by one of our engineer in Tripura.

3.     A friendly team of State Level Bizu Mela Committee from Tripura will visit Diyun during Durga Puja (10-14 Oct. 2013) to exchange more positive ideas toward the success of the proposal. Formal information will be communicated.

Progress already made.

§  Two rounds of discussion already made in Diyun.

§  A number of organizations and GBs attended and expressed positively.

§  Well wishers from Tripura are ready to support.

§  CADC and Chakma Chief's aid are informed informally.

§  Couple of songs already collected by REGA.

§  For collecting articles, poems... etc for magazine Email: ani_uds@yahoo.com is ready/aacsu or cca or some more org's email be included.

§  For songs Email: regaconnects@gmail.com is ready.

Everything is dependent on the people at ground level. Youth and students are the crucial force for achievement and for coordinating all round preparation BOC will be accountable.

Friday, May 2, 2014

2nd Meeting in Tripura to hold Bizumela in Arunachal

by Pradhir Talukdar Rega

Proceeding of 2nd meeting 

As decided the 2nd meeting is held on 18th August, 2013 at the Little Follower School, Pecharthal where Dangu Raj Kumar Chakma presided. The following topics were discussed. 

1. Function of the respective executive bodies. 

2. Action plan of the committee. 

3. Welcoming the foreign delegates in the Bizu Mela. 

4. Releasing of audio cassette from communities of Arunachal. 

5. Fund raising. 

In the meeting the following decision were taken. 

1. Foreign national and Chakma from abroad will be invited to visit during Bizu Mela 

2. To request APCSU to cancel Bor Porong program in December. 

3. All effort will be strengthen for Bizu Mela 

4. Possibility of inviting cabinet minister will be explored 

5. Holding of meeting with various organisations in the concern area (Diyun, Changlang) 

6. Inviting a delegation from Arunachal for discussion 

7. A magazine (Souvenir) will be published on Bizu Mela. A sub-committee is formed to deal the matter. The committe comprised of Mr. Kusum Kanti Chakma, Pradhir Talukdar (REGA) and Aniruddha Chakma. Collecting articles, poem script etc by December,13. 

8. Sponsorship for the first audio cassette from AP is decided as follows: Kusum Kanti Chakma-Thengabhanga song-1, Aniruddha Chakma-1, Tifant Mitra, Dipankar-1, Alak Talukdar, Shanti Bikash Chakma(Dhudhuk), Sukhamoy Chakma, Pradhir Talukdar, Surjya Chakma and Supen Chakma, Priti Bindu Chakma, Asish Chakma. The cost of each song is Rs. 3500-4000.

The following guests and members were attended the meeting.

1. Gyan Ranjan Chakma Arunachal 9863893371 

2. Sukbilash Chakma Tripura 9436535303 

3. Buddhiman Chakma Nabinchara 9863734499 

4. Dr. Sirsendu Chakma Arunachal 9862744612 

5. Tuphant Mitra Chakma Arunachal 8730042594 

6. Sujoy Chakma Tripura 7308248753 

7. Anati Ranjan Chakma Dhanichara 7308505879 

8. Mukul Chakma Kumarghat 8974607473 

9. Bodhi Satta Chakma Manu 9863727359 

10. Nihar Bindu Chakma Kumarghat 7308012618 

11. Arunjoy Chakma Panisagar 9862795965 

12. Pragyan Chakma Gandachara 9485068514 

13. Surjya Chakma Pecharthal 9863876084 

14. ............. 7308364634 

15. 9863872392 

16. Brisa Moni Chakma Kumarghat 9863356655 

17. Kusum Kanti Chakma Dharmanagar 9436535883 

18. Aniruddha Chakma Kanchanpur 8731944944 

19. Arun Kanti Chakma Pecharthal 9436535627 

20. Pradhir Talukdar Buddha Gaya 9402145373 

21. Dulal Kumar Chakma Shantipur 9436562709 

22. Alak Talukdar Machmara 9402597406 

23. Suniti Ranjan Chakma Chailengtha 9402348692 

24. Chakma Ashim Roy Shantipur 9612182784 

25. Raj Kumar Chakma Pecharthal

                                                                           Ran Kumar Chakma 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

1st Meeting in Tripura to hold Bizumela in Arunachal

by Pradhir Talukdar Rega

Proceeding of the meeting 

A meeting of Chakma employees from Arunachal and intellectuals of Tripura State is held on 09-08-2013, at little follower school, Pecharthal. The meeting was presided over by Dangu Raj Kumar Chakma, President Pecharthal Changma Samajik Panchayet, Chagala Panchayet. The main agendas are as below: 

1. To organise Bizu Mela in Arunachal to commemorate the Bor Porong of its 50th years. 

2. To form Arunachal Bizu Mela Bhaledi Jodha in this regard. 

First of all Arun Kanti Chakma explained the historical importance of the Bizu Mela in Tripura to unite the whole Chakma community in the state. Bizu is the only one event/festival that can gather/unite all Chakmas around the state. The Chakmas around the globe can also gather during this yearly festive gathering. Every year the people from Chadigang Hill Tracts, Mizoram attend the Bizu Mela in Tripura. The people of Tripura are also attending to Bangladesh and Arunachal on this Bizu Day. In the year 2006, a group of 45 cultural activists/youths from Tripura attended to Diyun Bizu Mela. So, the significance of Bizu is unavoidable. We can also relate the pain of Chakmas in Arunachal Pradesh through the Bizu gathering. 

Aniruddha Chakma gave importance to invite community leaders from Mizoram, Chadigang Hill Tracts, CADC, Tripura. To organise the a grand Bizu Mela at Diyun, Arunachal the fellow people can extend help. Already a considerable communication is made with Mizoram and Bangladesh Chakma leaders. All are agreed to extend cooperation and feel the responsibility to visit the felllows of Bor Porong. He proposed a team should visit Arunachal in September/October, 2013. He also strongly hopeful to publish a souvenir on the occasion of 50 years of the great exodus in 64 and Bizu Mela at Diyun in Arunachal, 2014. 

Dr. Shirsendu Chakma originally from Arunachal expressed the significance of Bizu. At the same time pointed out the possible politicisation of Chakma issue in all cases. So, every possibility of opposition must be taken into consideration to make a success of the proposal. 

Dangu Nagad Jyoti also expressed the same point. 

In the meeting Inter-State Bizu Mela Coordination Committee is formed as follows: 

1. President: Raj Kumar Chakma 

2. Vice President: Dulal Chakma 

3. Secretary: Dr. Sirsendu Chakma 

4. Asst. secretary: Gyana Ranjan Chakma 

5. Treasurer: Tufan Mitra Chakma 

The following members were included in the committe 

1. Swapna Jyoti Chakma Silachari 

2. Subhash Chakma Amarpur 

3. Tarani Moy Chakma Gandachara 

4. Nagat Jyoti Chakma Agartala 

5. Bodhi Satta Chakma Manu 

6. Brishamani Chakma Kumarghat 

7. Dr. Sirsendu Chakma Pecharthal 

8. Dulal Chakma Shantipur 

9. Gyana Ranjan Chakma Pecharthal 

10. Ranjan Bikash Chakma Machmara 

11. Raj Prasad Chakma Machmara 

12. A. R. Surjya Chakma Pecharthal 

13. Supen Chakma Ambasa 

14. Dhananjoy Chakma Kanchanpur 

15. Arun Kanti Chakma Pecharthal 

16. Sukbilash Chakma Kumarghat 

17. Tufant Mitra Chakma Dharmanagar 

18. Dibyendu Chakma Chailengtha 

19. Raj Kumar Chakma Pecharthal 

20. Chakma Ashim Roy Shantipur 

21. Udayan Chakma Dharmanagar 

22. Rabi Sankar Chakma Agartala 

23. Hemanta Chakma Kailashahar 

It is decided that next meeting will be held on 18th August, 2013 at the same venue. The following persons were present in the meeting. 

1. Chakma Ashim Roy Shantipur 09612182784 

2. Raj Kumar Chakma Pecharthal 

3. Sujoy Kumar Chakma Shantipur 7308248753 

4. Anati Ranjan Chakma Lohit, AP 7308505879 

5. Chikko Muni Chakma Diyun, AP 7308029743 

6. Dinesh Chakma Do 9863472313 

7. Brishu Moni Chakma Diyun 9863356655 

8. Rasu Chakma Kumarghat 9402375205 

9. Supen Chakma Ambasa 9485008866 

10. Aboy Biram Chakma Pecharthal 

11. Nagat Jyoti Chakma Bishalgar 9402382457 

12. Sirsendu Chakma Dharmanagar 9862744612 

13. Ranjan Bikash Chakma Machmara 9402375452 

14. Aniruddha Chakma Kanchanpur 8731944944 

15. Surjya Chakma Pecharthal 9863876084 

16. Udayan Chakma Dharmanagar 7308643406 

17. Gayan Ranjan Chakma Pecharthal 9863893371 

18. Dhananjoy Chakma Kanchanpur 9612553424 

19. Tarani Moy Chakma (UCO bank) Gandachara 9485068073 

20. Rajendra Chakma Pecharthal 7308918712 

21. Vikram Chakma AP 9863637087 

22. Panchayudh Chakma Andharchara 9612548711 

23. Palash Chakma Bijoypur, AP 7308799564 

24. Uttam Chakma Chowkham, AP 9863919963 

25. Muichal Chakma Dumpani, AP 8974124254 

26. Kalendra Chakma Pecharthal 

27. Raj Prasad Chakma Machmara 9862923545 

28. Suk Bilash Chakma Kumarghat 9436535303 

29. Buddhiman Chakma Nabinchara 9863734499 

30. Dulal Kumar Chakma AP 9436562709 

31. Arun Kanti Chakma Pecharthal 9436535627 

32. Pritam Muni Chakma Manu 9485010089 

33. Tufant Mitra Chakma AP, Damchara 8730042594 

34. Bodhi Satta Chakma Bijoypur 9863727359 

35. Pinaki Chakma Agartala 9862991357 

36. Shanti Bikash Chakma Ambasa 9402330988 

37. Kusum Kanti Chakma Nabinchara 9436535883 

38. Alak Takukdar Machmara 9402597406 

Date: 08/09/2013                                                         President 
                                                                            Raj Kumar Chakma