Ribeng Hodha

Shakyo Jador Chin-Majara Fudei Tulibong. Durore Ha'i, Sadangare Sodor, Farogore Egottor Banebong.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ribeng Jadha Meeting of Bizumela Bhaledi Jadha

A meeting of Ribeng Jadha of Bizumela Bhaledhi Jadha will be held at Gandacharra, Agere Gumet on 10-05-2014 (1100 AM) to evaluate the Bizumela-2014 and to advanced planning for Bizumela-2015. The meeting will also try to finalise at least 5 to 10 future venues of Tripura State Bizumela. Beside the Ribeng Committee members, Baam Committees like Ehde Dergang, Agere Manugang, Feni and Muhuri-Laa also present in the meeting. It is learned that Ehde Dergang and Agere Manugang both of them are demanding Bizumela-2016 on the other hand Feni and Muhuri Baams are demanding Bizumela-2017. The Ribeng Jadha have to decide the venues of 2016 & 17 between those Baams.

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