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Shakyo Jador Chin-Majara Fudei Tulibong. Durore Ha'i, Sadangare Sodor, Farogore Egottor Banebong.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Bizumela was organised for the first time in the name of Bizu Utsov by Gabuchye Jadha Parishad in the year 1974 at Machmara, Ehde Dergang with the pragmatic guide of Sn. Mohini Mohan Chakma. At first it was traditional sports competition based and a little bit cultural programmes were included in the Bizu Utsov.

In 1980-81, the Mela got a new dimension by way of adding up of exhibition stalls, Bhavachakra, tableau, souvenir publication, drama show and came into the present form. The Govt. of Tripura started assisting financially from the year 1983 and the first State Level Bizu Festival was organised in 1985 at Pechartal. Sn. Bimal Momen Chakma had played a pivotal role in this phase to grow up the Mela in to the present form. Since then it is being organised every year in different locations in the state incessantly.

In 2011, Tripura State Level Bizu Festival Standing Committee was formed with the sheer effort of Sn. Sujoy Chakma and Sn. Kusum Kanti Chakma with the sole aim to enable the Chakma community of Tripura to declare the venue of the next Bizumela at least one year ahead. However, the very first meeting of Standing Committee had expanded its aims and objectives which literally had changed the direction of the Bizumela since 2012 and eventually had lead to formation of Bizumela Development Society in 2013.

Bizumela had evolved into an organisation from an event in 2011 and presently it is trying to transform itself into a revolution, a Cultural Revolution, with the help of 9 Baams under its wings.

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