Ribeng Hodha

Shakyo Jador Chin-Majara Fudei Tulibong. Durore Ha'i, Sadangare Sodor, Farogore Egottor Banebong.

Saturday, April 26, 2014


1. To organise a Dagoni Bizumela within the month of March to select suitable competitor for the Central Bizumela.

2. To publish an audio or audio/video album in every Bizu.

3. To publish a Baam Bizu Souvenir in every Bizu.

4. To arrange regular training programmes for the competitive items. 

5. To collect traditional musical instruments, sports equipments and encouraging the youngsters to learn the process of crafting of those materials.

6. To maintain an artist & player register.

7. To maintain a good liaison with the Traditional Panchayet leaders for various help.

8. To arrange a special programme like Jhora Geet Competition, Potti Hhara Competition or Gop Dye-di Competition etc. with help of Hhijes and Harbaris under their Baam.

9. To arrange jerseys with a particular colour for their participants and to  participate in the inauguration of Central Bizumela wearing those jerseys.

10. To take responsibility of an item in Central Bizumela like if a Baam takes the responsibility of the exhibition stall then another Baam can take the responsibility of supplying games & sports materials or decorating the Bhavachakra or arrange a traditional food stall in the Mela ground etc.   

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