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Monday, August 19, 2013

Official BIZUMELA YouTube Channel

YouTube is a free video channel offered to us by Google. It has been the desire of many that one has a video channel of his own. Since Google provides us this facility absolutely free of cost, R S Debabrata Chakma took this opportunity as early as Bizumela 2011 so as to provide Chakmas around the world with the facility of keeping in touch with his/her own cultural activities. Since then, he has been voluntarily hosting video at his channel tirelessly.
However, this year in 2013, with his consent, the channel has been upgraded to official Bizumela channel. All are invited to take a look in to the channel where you'll find oodles of Chakma videos posted from Bizu festival of Tripura and Chakma related videos.

Bizumela Channel
Here are a few of the great videos of the channel. I hope you would enjoy them so much as others have enjoyed watching them-


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