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Friday, April 13, 2012

Mul Bizu

Here I am again, to inform you what development it took place out here in the 2012 Bizu Mela. As expected the programme have kicked off in its usual pace. But, what one can hear the noise of the crowd is louder today and the number of competions have immensely increased. I have a few shots grbbed by one of my friends Turu. Here are few of them, hope you'll like them-
Ranjit Dewan


Dancers presenting

Another group of presenters

Yet another group

I have also managed a few videos in FLV format. I can't guarntee you their quality though. I have uploaded in my you tube likechannel. You can take a look if you feel like.

By the way, the Phool Bizu DVD is released today.It is a set of two DVDs. You can grab a copy of the same from me or from the Bizu Mela 2012 organising committee. They have two quality of the same- one of which is economical. The DVD is released in a great hurry, forwhich not much editting is done. This is released in a hurry because many of the participants will get the opportunity of grabbing them.
One more video on You Tube

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