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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bizu Mela Concludes today

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A Reang boy and a girl presenting a dance
The 31st State Level Bizu Festival 2012 conludes today. It is well attended by people of all ages. The people of the area and from different parts of the state thronged in the venue as the evening fast approached. Many dignitaries of the state have been invited for the concluding ceremony. As usual, as the speeches of the guests is ended , the cultural programme has kicked off. 
A group Dance
Among the items, the most amazing performances have come from the participants who have come from Assam and Nagaland. The Nagas have performed a traditional group song and the Assamese have presented their famous Bihu song. I have a few photographs taken from the stage. I don't whether you'll like them.

There is an important announcement made by the President of the 2012 Bizumela. In his announcement, Mr. Biman Dewan announced that the 32nd State Level Bizu Mela 2013 will be held at Kanchanpur. Many of us know that Kanchanpur is situated in North Tripura District. All are expecting exciting moments that are sure to come.

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