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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bizu Mela Concludes today

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A Reang boy and a girl presenting a dance
The 31st State Level Bizu Festival 2012 conludes today. It is well attended by people of all ages. The people of the area and from different parts of the state thronged in the venue as the evening fast approached. Many dignitaries of the state have been invited for the concluding ceremony. As usual, as the speeches of the guests is ended , the cultural programme has kicked off. 
A group Dance
Among the items, the most amazing performances have come from the participants who have come from Assam and Nagaland. The Nagas have performed a traditional group song and the Assamese have presented their famous Bihu song. I have a few photographs taken from the stage. I don't whether you'll like them.

There is an important announcement made by the President of the 2012 Bizumela. In his announcement, Mr. Biman Dewan announced that the 32nd State Level Bizu Mela 2013 will be held at Kanchanpur. Many of us know that Kanchanpur is situated in North Tripura District. All are expecting exciting moments that are sure to come.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Mul Bizu

Here I am again, to inform you what development it took place out here in the 2012 Bizu Mela. As expected the programme have kicked off in its usual pace. But, what one can hear the noise of the crowd is louder today and the number of competions have immensely increased. I have a few shots grbbed by one of my friends Turu. Here are few of them, hope you'll like them-
Ranjit Dewan


Dancers presenting

Another group of presenters

Yet another group

I have also managed a few videos in FLV format. I can't guarntee you their quality though. I have uploaded in my you tube likechannel. You can take a look if you feel like.

By the way, the Phool Bizu DVD is released today.It is a set of two DVDs. You can grab a copy of the same from me or from the Bizu Mela 2012 organising committee. They have two quality of the same- one of which is economical. The DVD is released in a great hurry, forwhich not much editting is done. This is released in a hurry because many of the participants will get the opportunity of grabbing them.
One more video on You Tube

Bizumela Kicked off with a bang

Bizumela kicked off with a great bang

The 31st Tripura State Level Bizumela 2012 kicked off with a bang at Baganbari today as expected amid the presence of a huge gathering in the sunny afternoon today. This year’s festival, added with lots of extra flavour, is inaugurated by the Chief Executive Member of Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council by Mr Ranjit Debbarma in the late afternoon today. It the Chief Guest among the guests is Mr. Ranjit Dewan- the famous Chakma singer from Banglasesh, and it was chaired by Mr. Arun Kumar Chakma,honourable MLA and the president of the 31st Tripura State Level Bizu Festival.
Inauguration programme

It is worth mentioning that there was a heavy downpour in the morning today. However, God must have heard the voice of the Chakma people as there was the sun in the sky right after two hours from initial showers.
Ranjit Dewan, the famous Chakma Singer

Currently, the Cultural programme is going on and at this moment as I am writing this little blog, I am right in front of the Cultural programme.

The following video presents us the dance of a small girl. Given more chances, I bet she could do better in her days to come. I would appreciate if some one could comment on the video. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Bizu, dearest festival of the Chakma people, is back and only a week ahead of us. Many of us are planning big to celebrate the occasion with ultimate gaiety. I am sure who are far off from their home town or abroad  are striving hard to get back home to be among their own kins. Those who are still left abroad or far off from their home, don't worry I am here with you to present you a living picture of Bizu celebration being organised with a gigantic passion.

This is a glimpse of the Bizu 2012


With the word Bizu, many of my friends are having a question like - 'Where's gonna be the Bizu Mela this year?' And those who are in Tripura we are addicted to knowing it and express our desire to celebrate the Bizu at that particular place of celebration. The 31st Tripura State Level Festival is scheduled to be held on and from the 12th April 2012 to the 14th instant at Baganbari, Longtharai Valley, Dhalai, Tripura. I know some of you might be liking to know the location of  that place and I know I need not mention it to the Chakmas of Tripura that it is situated only 2kms away from the National Highway 44 and in fact, Baganbari itself is situated at 44B of National Roadways of India. If any one of you have followed the NH44 to reach the state Capital, I am sure you have known the famous place in Longtharai Valley named Manu (it is the place from where the ESCORT starts earlier trouble torn Tripura).

I don't know how many of us lucky enough to celebrate the occasion to the fullest extent this year!!! For people like me who have lost their parents not too long will keep haunting the moments we shared with them. But, to many, Bizu is not just the occasion for enjoying free Booze, it will energize each soul to desire more of it because of over all unlimited fun.

Anyways, I might not be taking much of your time. I would cut the story short. This 31st Tripura State Level Bizu celebration would be a nonpareil gala in the history of the Chakma people. The Government of Tripura has been working hand in hand with the local public to make soar its success at its zenith. Unlike any other year, the Sub-Divisional Magistrate of Longtharai Valley Sub-Division is the convenor of the Bizumela Celebration Committee, so one can just imagine can the other office heads of his Sub-Division remain far behind from him if not walking by his side.

It shall be my pleasure to keep abreast with the Bizumela celebration of Tripura. I shall present with pictures to this blog and videos uploaded to You-tube. I shall try level best to keep updating with the videos of the celebrations within one hour span so long as the festival is over.

This is a short interview with the Secretary of the 31st Tripura State Levwl Bizu Festival 2012. He is one of the prominent social activist of Chakma community of Dergang area and his name is Mr. Paritosh Chakma.