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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Chakma Music

Hi folks,
Here I come to blog again. Today I am here to give you a little about Chakma Music again. As you now, Chakma music is not that much advanced as it ought to be owing to many factors. One of the prime factors is the lack of support for the artist- young or old. With the advent of digital media these days, the most artists end up with bankruptcy ( due to excessive increase of piracy).
How many of us think of the art that the artists have been endowed with and how many of us are willing to pay the deserved value of buying an original CDs. Most of the people prefer to buy a copied CD from open market. These days, there is no dearth of vendor selling cds in market at the price of Rs.10/- and who would be so sensible to buy an original disc from the artists and frankly speaking owing to the limitations of marketing facility of Chakma music, we don’t care about how we procure the music whether it is legal or illegal.
Their First Album - Mui Honna

But music is universal language. It knows no caste or creed. If one learns that there is an album from Megadeth or Iron Maiden and the likes, people like me would like to buy a copy from the online stores because we are great fan of those bands, similarly those who like Chakma music where could they go to?? Can a Chakma from abroad would like to come to Tripura or visit Mizoram or Bangladesh just only to purchase a copy of the disc? There must be a co-operation between Chakma music sellers among the states of India and with those of Bangladesh at least. This I bet would give an extra advantage to the artist who bring out albums- for this would definite excel their selling and I guess the tendency for doing piracy could be brought down marginally.
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Today, I am going to put some light on Paracetamol. Paracetamol is a local band of Tripura. You must be aware of the band but hardly many of us heard their songs. So my upload today is dedicated to all the brother and sisters who are reprieved of the Chakma Hard Rock band’s music. But my request to all the people is that you must try to contact the band if you are willing to make contribution towards their mighty job.

Furthermore, you may like to watch the following videos from YouTube

Jummo Gorot


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