Ribeng Hodha

Shakyo Jador Chin-Majara Fudei Tulibong. Durore Ha'i, Sadangare Sodor, Farogore Egottor Banebong.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ribeng Jadha Meeting of Bizumela Bhaledi Jadha

A meeting of Ribeng Jadha of Bizumela Bhaledhi Jadha will be held at Gandacharra, Agere Gumet on 10-05-2014 (1100 AM) to evaluate the Bizumela-2014 and to advanced planning for Bizumela-2015. The meeting will also try to finalise at least 5 to 10 future venues of Tripura State Bizumela. Beside the Ribeng Committee members, Baam Committees like Ehde Dergang, Agere Manugang, Feni and Muhuri-Laa also present in the meeting. It is learned that Ehde Dergang and Agere Manugang both of them are demanding Bizumela-2016 on the other hand Feni and Muhuri Baams are demanding Bizumela-2017. The Ribeng Jadha have to decide the venues of 2016 & 17 between those Baams.

Sunday, April 27, 2014


Muhuri-Laagang Baam Committee of Bizumela Development Society was formed on 27-04-2012 with 33 members. Some of the main members are as follows:

1. Sn. Shanti Mohan Chakma, Sabhananu,
2. Sn. Sonaram Chakma, Ejal Sabhananu,
3. Sn. Kinaram Chakma, Ejal Sabhananu,
4. Sn. Manik Chakma, Ahma Habidyeng,
5. Sn. Ranjan Chakma, Ejal Ahma Habidyeng,
6. Sn. Sanjib Chakma, Bhandali,
7. Sn. Guna Mohan Chakma, Cultural Habidyeng,
8. Sn. Basu Chakma, Ejal Cultural Habidyeng,
9. Sn. Arun Chakma, Hhara Habidyeng,
10. Sn. Binod Chakma, Fogodang Habidyeng.

Saturday, April 26, 2014


1. To organise a Dagoni Bizumela within the month of March to select suitable competitor for the Central Bizumela.

2. To publish an audio or audio/video album in every Bizu.

3. To publish a Baam Bizu Souvenir in every Bizu.

4. To arrange regular training programmes for the competitive items. 

5. To collect traditional musical instruments, sports equipments and encouraging the youngsters to learn the process of crafting of those materials.

6. To maintain an artist & player register.

7. To maintain a good liaison with the Traditional Panchayet leaders for various help.

8. To arrange a special programme like Jhora Geet Competition, Potti Hhara Competition or Gop Dye-di Competition etc. with help of Hhijes and Harbaris under their Baam.

9. To arrange jerseys with a particular colour for their participants and to  participate in the inauguration of Central Bizumela wearing those jerseys.

10. To take responsibility of an item in Central Bizumela like if a Baam takes the responsibility of the exhibition stall then another Baam can take the responsibility of supplying games & sports materials or decorating the Bhavachakra or arrange a traditional food stall in the Mela ground etc.   

Chakma Songs

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Friday, April 25, 2014


Please click here to watch various videos of Bizumela and other cultural events of Tripura. http://www.youtube.com/user/BIZUMELA


A Bizumela Research Team was formed in the Central Committee meeting of Bizumela Development Society held at Machmara on 9th March 2014 to find out the history of the Tripura Sate Bizumela with the Chairmanship of Sn. Sukhamoy Chakma, Vice Chairman of Bizumela Development Society Central Committee (BDSCC). Other Team Members are as follws:
1. Sn. Chitra Mallika Chakma, Vice President, BDSCC,
2. Sn. Alok Talukdar,Vice President, BDSCC,
3. Sn. Aniruddha Chakma, Assistant Secretary, BDSCC,
4. Sn. Arun Kanti Chakma, Cultural Secretary, BDSCC,
5. Sn. Kusum Kanti Chakma, Research & Publicity Secretary, BDSCC,
6. Sn. Kusum Chakma, Communication Secretary, BDSCC,

As a Research Team Member, Sn. Kusum Kanti Chakma, Research & Publicity Secretary of Bizumela Development Society Central Committee had submitted a detailed report on 18th March 2014 to the Team Chairman Sn. Sukhamoy Chakma. here is the excerpts:   

After examination of some old records and documents regarding Tripura State Bizumela, it is found that Bizumela was first observed in Tripura on 1974 in Machmara by Chakma Gabuchye Jadha Parishad. Since its inception it was passed through several phases and evolved to the modern form. Following are some of the findings:

President: Paddha Dhar Chakma
Secretary: Dayal Bikash Chakma
Chief guest: 
Special guest:
Related documents found: `Hhuja Majara' booklet.
Remarks: Organised by Gabuchye Jadha Parishad.

Chief guest: 
Special guest:

Chief guest: 
Special guest:

Chief guest: 
Special guest:

Chief guest: 
Special guest:
Chief guest:
Special guest:
Chief guest: 
Special guest:

President: Janesh Ayon Chakma
Secretary: Priti Kusum Chakma
Inaugurator: Mohan Lal Chakma, 
Chief guest: 
Special guest:
Related documents found-Souvenir 1982
Comments: First Bizu Utasab in large-scale. The inaugurator termed as `Shilpa & Pudhi-Pustak Pradarshani Mela’. Souvenir-1982 termed it as `Bizu aa Shilpa-Maleye Mela’.

President: Bimal Mamen Chakma
Joint Secretary: Goutam Chakma & Satyapriya Chakma
Inaugurator: Anil Chakma, EM, TTAADC,
Chief guest:  
Special guest:
Comments: Art exhibition by Triptendu Bikash Chakma (Kolkata), Jamachaba & Hoyekfudo Choghopani drama by Bimal Momen Chakma.
Related documents found: Souvenir 1982 For the first time Bizumela name appeared. Bhavachakra introduced & First Bizumela souvenir published. Buno-Hada competition.

Secretary: Tatini Chakma
Chief guest: 
Special guest:
Comments: TTAADC started giving financial assistances to different Bizu committees.

11th-1984-Madhab Mastor Aadam
Secretary: Paritosh Chakma
Chief guest- 
Special guest-
President-Ananda Mohan Chakma
Secretary-Janadip Chakma
Chief guest- 
Special guest-
Related documents found: Souvenir 1985
Comments: First State Level Bizu Festival.

Secretary: Moloy Dewan
Chief guest:
Special guest:
Secretary: Amita Chakma
Chief guest: 
Special guest:
Secretary: Soumitra Chakma
Chief guest:
Special guest:
16th-1989-Madhab Mastor Aadam/Nakkonchara
President (M. M. Aadam):
Secretary (M. M. Aadam): Paritosh Chakma
President (Nakkonchara):
Secretary (Nakkonchara): Bimal Chakma
Inaugurator (M. M. Aadam):
Chief guest (M. M. Aadam): 
Special guest (M. M. Aadam):
Inaugurator (Nakkonchara): 
Chief guest (Nakkonchara): 
Special guest (Nakkonchara):
Secretary: Bimal Mamen Chakma
Chief guest- 
Special guest-
Secretary: Pragati Chakma
Chief guest: 
Special guest:

President: Sushil Kumar Chakma
Secretary: Bimal Momen Chakma
Inaugurator-Amiya Debbarma, EM, TTAADC,  
Chief guest- 
Special guest-
Cultural Team participated:   Machmara, Shantipur, Nabincharra with yatras `Ahojor Bizu Firi Ai by Anil Chakma & `Kormofal’ by Fuleshwar Chakma, Silachari, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh, Lebangbumani (Sadar), Bihu (Assam), Andharcharra, Rabindra Nritya (Agartala), Manipur, Sukhnachari, Hojagiri, Bamboo dance, Sikkim, Sylhety drama.
Related documents found: Programme leaflet. Attempt to form Sate Level Standing Committee.

Chief guest- 
Special guest-
21st-1994-Machmara/Gandacharra (Lakkhipur-Gachbagan)
Secretary (Machmara): Nilamani Chakma
Secretary (Gandacharra): Hriday Ranjan Chakma
Inaugurator: Anil Sarkar, Minister, ICAT, 
Special guest: Aghor Debbarma, Minister, TW, Subodh Das, Minister, Faizur Rahman, Forest Minister, Jagadish Debbarma, Chairman, TTAADC, Amiya Debbarma, EM, TTAADC, 
President: Anil Chakma.
Gandacharra: Inaugurator-Amiya Kumar Debbarma, EM, TTAADC, 
Special guest-Rabindra Debbarma, ex-Education Minister, Ananda Roaza, MLA, Dhirendra Tripura, MDC.
Cultural Team (Machmara): Nabincharra (with 2 yatras namely Karmaphal by Fuleshwar Chakma & Danaveer Bishwantar by Anil Chakma), Shantipur, Mainama, Machmara, Arunachal, Mizoram, Sanghati Nritya Dal (Agartala), Sikkim, Sylheti play, Gariya & Lebangbumani (Sadar), Bihu (Assam), Manipur, Hajagiri (Gachiram), Tripuri Dance (Boiragibari), Mahishasur Mardini Nritya natya & Dhamail by Kamalpur Cultural Team.
Related documents found: Invitation card, Bizumela leaflet.
President: Anil Chakma
Secretary: Shyamal Chakma Related documents found: Souvenir-1995
Comments: Competition on traditional dance, music & sports. Bargee was displayed as Bizu symbol in the committee leaflet.

President: Anil Chakma
Joint Secretary: Pratul Chakma & Nihar Bindu Chakma 
Inaugurator- Aghor Debbarma, 
Special guest-Ranjit Debbarma, CEM, TTAADC, Radhacharan Debbarma, EM, TTAADC, Rajendra Reang, EM, TTAADC, Biman Dewan, Member, TTAADC, 
President-Anil Chakma.
Cultural Team: Chawmanu, Mainama, Manu, Gandacharra, Nabincharra, Dasda (orchestra) & Yatra party, Agartala, Machmara, Shantipur (with yatra), Kanchanpur (with one act play), Manipuri (Dharmanagar), Rabindra-Nazrul Shilpi Goshthee (Panisagar) & Mizoram.
Related documents found: Programme leaflet.
Comments: Bizumela Flag hoisted.

President: Anil Chakma
Secretary: Fuleshwar Chakma
Inaugurator: Bimal Sinha, Health Minister,
Special guest: Subodh Das, Panchayet Minister, 
Presided over by-Anil Chakma, MLA.
Related documents found: Bizumela leaflet.
Comments: Leaflet mentioned it as 24th Bizumela.

President: Biman Dewan
Secretary: Kalo Bikash Dewan 
Chief guest:
Special guest:
Related documents found: Bizumela leaflet.

President: Anil Chakma
Secretary: Bimal Mamen Chakma & Alok Talukdar
Inaugurator: Narayan Rupini, Minister, Forest & ARD, 
Chief guest: Subodh Das, Minister, Panchayet, 
Special guest: Pabitra Kar, Minister, Industries, Ramendra Debnath, Minister, Sericulture & Nripendra Chowdhury, Member, TTAADC, 
Bizu Gorba: Jitendra Chowdhury, ICAT Minister. 
Presided over by: Anil Chakma. Related documents found: Invitation letter.
Comments: `Bargee’ was displayed as Bizumela logo.

Secretary: Biplab Dewan
Chief guest- 
Special guest-
Related documents found: Progrmme leaflet.
President: Anil Chakma
Secretary: Mukul Dewan
Inaugurator: Jitendra Chowdhury, ICAT Minister, 
Chief guest: Anil Sarkar, Education Minister, 
Special guest: Subodh Das, Panchayet Minister, Faizur Rahman, Labour Minister, 
Presided over by: Anil Chakma, Chairman, TTDC.
Related documents found: Committee & Programme leaflet.
Comments: The leaflet says that first Bizumela was organized in 1972.

President: Dinabandhu Chakma
Secretary: Santosh Chakma
Chief guest:
Special guest:
Related documents found: Committee leaflet.
President: Moly Dewan
Secretary: Salil Baran Chakma
Inaugurator: Jitendra Chowdhury, TW Minister, 
Chief guest: Ranjit Debnath, MLA, 
Special guest: Arun Kumar Chakma, MLA, Prahlad Pal, Chairman, Amarpur Panchayet Samiti, Jagat Jamatiya, Chairman, Amarpur BAC, Narendra Debbarma, Chairman, Karbook BAC, 
Bizu Gorba: Chakma Raja Debashish Roy,
Presided over by: Moloy Dewan, Chairman, Rupaichari BAC.
Related document found: Bizumela leaflet. Formal Bizu Gorba batyeni included.

31st-2004-Madhab Mastor Aadam
President: Biman Dewan
Secretary: Paritosh Chakma
Chief guest:
Special guest:
Bizu Gorba: Arun Kumar Chakma, MLA
Related document found: Bizumela Booklet.
President: Jashabir Tripura
Secretary: Shanti Bikash Chakma
Chief guest:
Special guest
Bizu Gorba: Digambar Chakma, Mizoram
Related documents found: Minutes of committee formation meeting.
President: Arun Kumar Chakma
Secretary: Bishu Kumar Chakma
Chief guest:
Special guest:
Bizu Gorba: Chakma Asim Roy
Related documents found: Souvenir-2006
Commnets: Erroneously mentioned as 25th Bizumela.
President: Arun Kumar Chakma
Secretary: Atrimani Chakma
Inaugurator: Keshab Majumdar, School Education Minister, 
Chief guest: Aghor Debbarma, CEM, TTAADC, 
Special guest: Sandhya Rani Chakma, EM, TTAADC, Lalit Mohan Tripura, Chairman, Damburnagar Block, Rabindra Debbarma, MLA, 
Bizu Gorba: Rasik Mohan Chakma, CEM, CADC, 
Presided over by: Arun Kumar Chakma, MLA
Related documents found: Souvenir-2007
Comments: Bizumela logo with `Bargee’ used in invitation card.

President: Shrota Ranjan Chakma
Secretary: Niranjan Chakma
Chief guest:
Special guest:
Bizu Gorba: Shakya Prasad Talukdar
Related documents found: Souvenir-2008.
Comments: Goutam lal Chakma wrote in the Souvenir: First Bizu Utsab in 1973, Chief Minister Nripen Chakraborty visited Bizumela in 1981 and Govt. declared Bizuday as holiday in 1983.

President: Arun Kumar Chakma
Secretary: Sukhamoy Chakma
Inaugurator: Chakma Raja Debasish Roy, Chief guest:
Special guest:
Bizu Gorba: Chakma Raja Debasish Roy,
Related documents found: Committee Booklet.
Comments: Bizumela logo used only in invitation card.

President: Arun Kumar Chakma
Secretary: Arun Chakma
Inaugurator: Sanatan Talukdar, 
Chief guest: Kali Kumar Tanchangya, CEM, CADC, 
Special guest: Dr. Buddha Dhan Chakma, EM, CADC, Nirupam Chakma, MLA, Mizoram, Minakkhi Sen Bandyopadhyay, Director, NE Oral Literature Centre, Sahitya Academy, Agartala.
Bizu Gorba: Nihar Kanti Chakma, Minister, Mizoram, 
Presided over by: Suresh Kumar Chakma.
Related documents found: Souvenir-2010
Comments: Bizumela logo used only in invitation card. Attempt to form State Level Standing Committee.

President: Arun Kumar Chakma
Secretary: Sujoy Chakma
Inaugurator: Ranjit Debbarma, CEM, TTAADC, 
Chief guest: Aghor Debbarma, TW Minister, Paresh Ch. Sarkar, EM, TTAADC, Rajendra Reang, MLA, Minkkhi Sen Bandopadhyay, Director, NECOL.
Special guest: Sandhya Rani Chakma, EM, TTAADC, Hasi Rani Bhattacharya, Chairperson, North Tripura Zila Parishad, Anil Chakma, ex-MLA, Sushil Chakma, ex-MLA, D. K. Chakma, SDM, Kanchanpur,  Shankar Narayan Das, BDO, Pechartal, Jene Luis Risto, Consulate General, France Mission, New Delhi, Laxman Kar, Vice Chairman, North Tripura Zila Parishad.  
Bizu Gorba: Laxmi Prasad Chakma, retired EE, 
Presided over by: Arun Kumar Chakma, MLA
Related documents found: Souvenir-2011
Comments: Present Bizumela logo appeared. State Level Standing Committee formed.

39th-2012- Ehde Manugabg (Madhab Mastor Aadam)
President: Arun Kumar Chakma
Secretary: Paritosh Chakma
Inaugurator: Ranjit Debbarma, CEM, TTAADC, 
Chief guest: Sushil Kumar Chakma, Chairman, CADC, 
Special guest: Jitendra Chowdhury, Minister, Industries & Commerce, Aghor Debbarma, TW Minister,  Ranjit Dewan, Chand Roy, Subrata Chakma, Pathan Chakma, Bijoy Kumar Hrankhwal, MLA, Nirajoy Tripura, MLA, Sandhya Rani Chakma, EM, TTAADC, Pradyut Kishor Bikram Manikya & Abhishek Singh, DM, Dhalai.
Bizu Gorba: Mrittika Chakma, 
Presided over by: Arun Kumar Chakma, MLA, Biman Dewan, ex-MDC, Gajendra Tripura, EM, TTAADC. 
Related documents found: Souvenir-2012, invitation card.
40th-2013-Agere Dergang (Kanchanpur)
President: Arun Kumar Chakma
Secretary: Chandan Kusum Chakma 
Chief guest:
Special guest:
Bizu Gorba: Manoranjan Chakma, TCS
Related documents found: Souvenir-2013.
41st-2014-Ehde Gumet (Jharjari)
President:Arun Kumar Chakma
Secretary: Lalilaksha Chakma & Debabrata Chakma
Inaugurator: Dr. Nirmal Das, Folklorist, Tripura University
Chief guest: Manoranjan Acharjee, MLA, Birganj
Special guest: Subhabrata Deb, Akshar Publications, Agartala
Bizu Gorba: Tushar Kanti Chakma, IAS

We can divide the history of Bizumela in to following three phases:

Examining the available papers and documents it is found that the following personalities have extraordinary contributions towards development of the Bizumela: (1) Mohini Mohan Chakma-the brain behind the creation of Bizumela, (2) Bimal Momen Chakma-taken the Bizumela to an unbeatable heights, (3) Anil Chakma-Govt. of Tripura felt importance of Bizumela through him & (4) Niranjan Chakma-guided the Bizumela organizing committees throughout the state for 25 years.  

Three documents have been found mentioning the year in which the first Bizumela (Bizu Utsav) has been organized. The Pechartal Bizumela-2001 leaflet says that the year was 1972, the article of Goutam Lal Chakma published in Agartala Bizumela-2008 souvenir mentions it as 1973 and the `Hhujo Majara’ booklet says that it was 1974. Among these three documents `Hhujo Majara’ is the oldest. Though the printing date is not there in the booklet but from the content it is estimated that it was published in 1977/78. Anyway, comparing the date of the two other documents (2001 & 2008) it is certainly the oldest one. So, 1974 as the birth year of Bizumela is authenticated through this oldest document.

It is found that the Bizumela has a tremendous influence on the present Chakma society. It was sole carter of cultural development of our society since 70s. Delivered a good deal in literary development. Became the meeting point of intellectual Chakmas and training field for budding youth leadership.  An in-depth research may be needed in order to find out the multi-dimensional impact of Bizumela on the present Chakmas society of Tripura.



Please click here to download various publications of Bizumela Development Society and other organisations of Tripura...http://chakmamaadi.wordpress.com/category/books/



Central Executive Committee (2013-16)

1. Jadhananu : Dangu Arun Kr. Chakma,MLA
2. Ejal Jadhananu : Dangu Alok Talukdar.
3. ,, ,, : Dangubi Chitra Mallika Chakma.
4. ,, ,, : Dangu Sukhomoy Chakma.
5. Ohhma Habideng : Dangu Sujoy kr. Chakma.
6. Ejal ,, ,, : Dangu Aniruddha Chakma.
7. ,, ,, ,, : Dangu Lalilaksha Chakma.
8. ,, ,, ,, : Dangu Sumanta sen Chakma.
9. ,, ,, ,, : Dangu Newton Chakma.
10. ,, ,, ,, : Dangu Pinaki Chakma.
11. Vandali : Dangu Tanmoy Chakma.
12. Cultural Habidyeng : Dangu Motilal Chakma
13. ,, : Dangu Arun Kanti Chakma.
14. Games & Sports Habidyeng : Dangu Sukbilash Talukdar
15. Research & Publicity Habidyeng : Dangu Kusum Kanti Chakma.
16. Documentation Habidyeng : Dangu R. S. Debobrata Chakma.
17. Bolabol Thuboni Habidyeng : Dangu Shanti Bikash Chakma.
18. Communication Habidyeng : Dangu Kusum Chakma.
19. Member : Dangu Jagatjoyti Chakma.
20. ,, : Dangu Debabrata Chakma.
21. ,, : Dangu Chandan Kusum Chakma.


1. Sn. Arun Kumar Chakma, MLA- President
2. Db. Sushmita Chakma, Vice President
3. Sn. Sujoy Chakma - General Secretary
4. Sn. Aniruddha Chakma -Astt. General Secretary
5. Sn. Tanmoy Chakma - Cashier
6. Sn. Kusum Kanti Chakma
7. Sn. Matilal Chakma
8. Sn. Ajit Kanti Chakma
9. Sn. Arun Kanti Chakma
10. Sn. Sukhbilas Chakma
11. Sn. Chitra Mallika Chakma
12. Sn. Kusum Chakma
13. Sn. Paritosh Chakma
14. Sn. Shanti Bikash Chakma
15. Sn. Kamal Chakma
16. Sn. Debananda Chakma
17. Sn. Dipal Chakma
18. Sn. Kakali Chakma
19. Sn. Lalilaksha Chakma
20. Sn. Debabrata Chakma
21. Sn. Sumantasen Chakma
22. Sn. Darbasa Chakma
23. Sn. Newton Chakma

Guidelines of Bizumela Bhaledi Jodha

Results of Bizumela Competitions


41st Tripura State Bizumela was held from 13th April to 15th April, 2014 at Jharjari, Ehde Gumet, Tibura. After 3 days competition in 15 cultural and 6 sports events, Ehde Dergang Baam was adjudged as Champion Baam-2014. Agere Manu and Ehde Manu Baam stood as 2nd & 3rd respectively. Here is the details…Bizu Competition Results-2014

Muhuri-Laagang Baam Committee will be formed on 27th April, 2014

A meeting will be held at Saddharma Ratna Buddha Vihar, Madhu Chandra Chakma Aadam, Birchandra Manu, South Tripura to form Muhuri-Laagang Baam Committee of Bizumela Development Society. Sn. Debananda Chakma, Central Committee Member, Bizumela Development Society said that all the Harbaris, cultural activists, intellectuals and leaders of Chakma Socio-Cultural Organisation of Muhuri-Laagang area will participate in the meeting.

It may be mentioned here that out of 9 Baams under Bizumela Development Society only Ehde Manugang, Agere Manugang & Ehde Dergang were able to form Baam Committees.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Bizumela was organised for the first time in the name of Bizu Utsov by Gabuchye Jadha Parishad in the year 1974 at Machmara, Ehde Dergang with the pragmatic guide of Sn. Mohini Mohan Chakma. At first it was traditional sports competition based and a little bit cultural programmes were included in the Bizu Utsov.

In 1980-81, the Mela got a new dimension by way of adding up of exhibition stalls, Bhavachakra, tableau, souvenir publication, drama show and came into the present form. The Govt. of Tripura started assisting financially from the year 1983 and the first State Level Bizu Festival was organised in 1985 at Pechartal. Sn. Bimal Momen Chakma had played a pivotal role in this phase to grow up the Mela in to the present form. Since then it is being organised every year in different locations in the state incessantly.

In 2011, Tripura State Level Bizu Festival Standing Committee was formed with the sheer effort of Sn. Sujoy Chakma and Sn. Kusum Kanti Chakma with the sole aim to enable the Chakma community of Tripura to declare the venue of the next Bizumela at least one year ahead. However, the very first meeting of Standing Committee had expanded its aims and objectives which literally had changed the direction of the Bizumela since 2012 and eventually had lead to formation of Bizumela Development Society in 2013.

Bizumela had evolved into an organisation from an event in 2011 and presently it is trying to transform itself into a revolution, a Cultural Revolution, with the help of 9 Baams under its wings.